J. Period brings together two iconic names on his latest mixtape. Bridging the gap between Wakanda and Stankonia, the Brooklyn DJ/producer blends the cosmic rhymes of Big Boi and André 3000 with music from both the Black Panther film and soundtrack, in addition to powerful interview clips from the likes of 2Pac, Fela Kuti and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. It’s Atlanta legends reimagined as Afro-futurist superheroes.

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“The concept of Wakanda Forever Ever started on social media (sparked by a Twitter post from my friend April Reign), but when I began to explore the musical connections between the worlds of Black Panther and Outkast, it just unlocked a universe of possibilities,” J. Peroid says. “The core of Hip-Hop is the drum, and when you break it down to the essence, the story of the drum, of Africa, of the Diaspora, of using rhythm and music to tell stories…those are all part of the fabric of Hip-Hop.

“I consider myself a musical storyteller, and for me, this project was an opportunity to explore those ideas and stories in the music, and create a piece that will hopefully spark conversation around the connections between Hip-Hop and this imaginary world of Wakanda, and all that it represents.”

Stream the mixtape below and download Wakanda Forever Ever on JPeriod.com.

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