One of the best experiences that I had this year was heading all the way down south to Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with my friends at Team Hennessy US, earlier this year. The mission was to see Nas perform at Brazil’s Lollapalooza festival…as well as to check out the latest in Hennessy’s artist collaboration series. In the past, the cognac brand has enlisted Kaws and Futura…this year, they recruited Sao Paulo’s graf-pedigreed, hip hop-loving art-star twins, Os Gemeos (which just stands for “The Twins” in portuguese). I had already heard great stories about the twins from their peers, such as Todd James and ESPO…so getting a chance to visit their studio, in the same neighborhood where they grew up, was such an honor!

Check out a video recap of the visit (above), and check out more about the limited edition Hennessy x Os Gemeos bottle (finally available in select stores)…
after the jump!

(studio visit with Gustavo and Otavio, the legendary Os Gemeos, in Sao Paulo, Brazil this past March)


The OS Gemeos bottle

More photos: Including the unboxing of the limited edition Hennessy VS bottle, designed by Os Gemeos; photos from the trip to Brazil; Miss Info with Hennessy’s Jen Yu; and a mural by Os Gemeos in Sao Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park.

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