This was definitely one of the most corny beefs “Tweefs” of the year. The digital jabs thrown at each other by Tyler, The Creator and Chris Brown, then Frank Ocean vs. Chris Brown provided a few minutes of laughter, but that was about it. This hoodtastic video clip of some dudes harassing Frank Ocean, may have been for real but do we really care?

Anyway, I think these guys have squared things up, judging from these Tweets.

But the best Odd Futureisms of the week are in regards to the nicest MC in the collective.

My colleague, Ernest from Complex, got in touch with a student who was away with Earl Sweatshirt in that Samoan boarding school and was able to get a sense of the mysterious rapper and how his life has been, since he was shipped away and his crew blew the f*ck up.

Apparently, this kid, Tyler Craven (not to be confused with Tyler, The Creator), was sent there for being a degenerate and messing up in school, but he paints a different picture of Earl. It’s almost one of a popular and social kid, with clear talents that just got caught up in a sh*t-storm of some uptight parents. He details how Earl was thrown into the “box” for 3-months, a jail cell-ish room, with just a mattress, all for just trying to email his OF homies.

I think my favorite part of the interview is when Craven says he thinks Earl wrote at least an album worth of material in there. And the most hilarious is definitely when he talks about a nature hike that inadvertently led them to a cow field full of shrooms (and you can guess what happened next). I’m just scared that some of the contents in this piece could do … nvm. Tyler get at Tyler, we need Thebe home now!

Complex: How does the timeline of your friendship with Thebe go? From meeting him and you guys sharing a similar sense of humor to him revealing what he was doing back home, as well as you guys looking online and seeing his name.

Tyler Craven: We all knew that he was a musician. The message of how popular he was became clearer and clearer during school. The staff would leave every now and then and if you were sitting next to Thebe he would pull something up and tell you to look at it. He’d have a picture of Tyler or something on the computer in some kind of magazine or an article. He’d pull up a picture of his album cover, Mellowhype or something, and we’d be like, “Oh, damn. That album cover is fucking tight.” We actually got a hold of some of his music too. We were able to download it and we played it down in the gym.

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Complex: You probably had to sneak to do all of that.

Tyler Craven: Oh, yeah. Of course. I don’t know how the student got this MP3 player. I think he stole it off someone, but no one on the island even has an MP3 player so I don’t know. He had the cord so he just transferred the music during school. We would bump Odd Future during free time.

Complex: What would he say about Odd Future and Tyler?

Tyler Craven: He called Tyler his brother and said that they’d do anything for each other. He talked about the OF swag. About the atheist, murderous, wildass fuck mentality they got and we all love. But you can’t just be told about his unique style. You gotta see it. He was really humble about his prodigy status, though. He honestly just called his mom a cunt and a bitch repeatedly for sending him there. He would just say, “Who does that?” Especially knowing who he is. He really didn’t know why he was sent there. He knew his mom’s reason for doing it, but he was very far from understanding it. There is no understanding it because it doesn’t make sense.

Complex: Besides the music he was making, what’s her reason? Did he get into a lot of trouble the way you did?

Tyler Craven: No. He told me that he had only smoked weed a few times and he hadn’t really done drugs that much. His mind was just blown, like “Why?” He never stopped asking himself why

Complex: What type of kid was Thebe?

Tyler Craven: Everyone loved Thebe. He’s hilarious because he has a way with words. Just like his music. He’s quick with it too. He would just outdo everyone in being funny. People would follow him. He was a leader.

Complex: Is there any memorable shit that went down there?

Tyler Craven: He’d always do impressions. He’d do an impression of Earl. He has Thebe, who’s hilarious. When he’d turn into Earl, he’s this 80-year-old man who has a bad back. He’d just walk around like he has a horrible back, and he’d fall into the pool or something. Everyone who was around him when he turned into Earl would just start being like, “Earl! Earl! Get over here Earl!” People would do shit like write on their hand “Free Earl,” even there. Oh, what else. I talked to the guy from the New Yorker today. The guy who wrote the article.

Complex: Oh, you talked to Kelefa on the phone? What did he have to say?

Tyler Craven: Just pretty much the same stuff. General shit. I told him the article is BS, but I understood that he didn’t know any better. That was the closest that he knew to fact. But then I told him what the mix-up was, how the therapist basically forced him to write that letter.

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