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Mikey: Aside from The Throne and Weezy’s performances, I think a lot of hip-hop heads were curious to see how Odd Future would fare at the award show. Tyler, the Creator constantly ranted that it was his dream to win a Moon Man, since age 9. And I wondered if Odd Future’s frontman would do something insane a la Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift in ’09 if he didn’t win. But Tyler did win the “Best New Artist” award (beating Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Kreayshawn and Forst the People) and OFWGKTA behaved…for the most part. Tyler cursed so much most of his speech was censored out, and he threw a jab at Bruno Mars but that’s nothing new.

The most peculiar Odd Future moment actually came from Frank Ocean. After arriving on the VMA “black carpet” with the rest of the crew, he sat down right in the middle of it, avoiding journalists and keeping to himself. He only reacted when Busta Rhymes came over to greet him. (I snapped a photo…after the jump)

Watch Tyler The Creator accept his “Best New Artist” award while his mom cheers and cries…
Watch Odd Future with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Seth Rogan presenting “Best Hip-Hop Video” award….
And see exclusive photos of Frank Ocean and Busta Rhymes on the red carpet
after the jump…

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Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogan and Odd Future present ‘Best Hip-Hop Video’ award to Nicki Minaj.

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Tyler’s dream to win a Moon Man comes true, he sprains his ankle, falls on Kanye, and his mom goes crazy….

Meanwhile….during the VMA Pre-Show:

(Frank Ocean sitting down on the “black carpet”)

As I was standing around the black carpet, I noticed Busta Rhymes showing Frank Love and the Odd Future crew mad love.

Busta Frank
Another photo of Busta with OFWGKTA…

But for the most part, Frank Ocean opted out of the VMA media blitz. He just sat and stared. Okay, then.

Mellow Hype
OFWGKTA’s Mellow Hype was happy to chat with the press.

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