(*Disclaimer* I know Smack battles and URL battles never left but they haven’t been getting this kind of main stream love.)

The excitement from the recent Summer Madness 2 battles is currently the real talk of New York City. Forget whatever new music is out, or concerts are going down. The most relevant NYC rap debate is Loaded Lux vs. Calicaoe, specifically Lux’s historical third verse. The Harlem rapper pretty much destroyed his Detroit rival’s whole persona. Listen carefully, because Lux actually sh*tted on alot of “thug personas” many of today’s ‘street rappers’ live by. We have a bigger post on that on the way. But for now, check out another epic battle from Summer Madness 2. Two big names in the NYC battle circuit faced off for a wild one. (Props to Brian “B.Dot” Miller, who I will be battling in Summer Madness 3)

Watch Loaded Lux vs Calicoe after the jump…

Even Jay-Z shouted out Lux on Twitter today!