Rick Ross Release Party @ King Of Diamonds from Exclusive Access on Vimeo.

Aside from the Ross’ awesome Pinky Toscadero bomber jacket, the best part of Thaddeus/ExclusiveAccess’s footage from Ross’ album release party, is this dance troupe that welcomes his helicopter arrival at King of Diamonds. Imagine that Ross is like the rap Captain Kirk, landing on a planet where the aliens greet him by turning their backs, semi-squatting and winking their rectums at him. What if everyone on the planet did that?

PS: I heard that along with Trina, and Khaled (see more Rick Ross party photos here)….the homie Gucci Mane also joined Rawse at K.O.D. so that the two of them could shoot performance footage for their upcoming “MC Hammer” video. Kewl!

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