Its been a busy 2 days for the homie N.O.R.E. On Sunday he got arrested at FatBurger in Miami (is that part-owned by Pharrell?), with media outlets reporting that he ripped up flowers, flung “yellow liquid”, punched a guy in the face and said “Do you know who I am?” LOL.

Later, Nore sparred on his Twitter against gossip-maven Perez Hilton’s Twitter page…while we all watched. Possibly the most surreal moment in my Twitter-life thus far. It got heavy when the beef turned into a debate about homophobia. Nore is a really nice and jovial guy, he’s funny and a character, but I can see how gay fans would take exception to some things said in the twitter-beef. Then again, Perez gets mad disrespectful in his posts too.

Nore later talked about the whole incident…well both whole incidents with my girls Angela Yee and Leah Rose on LipService….
NORE on Lip Service 2-23-09
, and XXLMag.

And then released a video spoof too….

I’m still trying to figure out how Alchemist is involved….

UPDATE: Nore says….

“Nore and perez Hilton squash beef on big boys neighborhood new mixtape coming out by nore hosted by perez Hilton called purple wigs and og kush