I can’t say that I’ve kept up with the ins and outs of Nina Sky’s career struggles. I noticed that they were stuck in a sort of limbo which manifested in disputes with their label, Polo Grounds, and a Free-NinaSky twitter campaign. But on a personal level, they’ve always been sweet stylish gals that I catch up with whenever we bump into each other at events in NYC. (Check out NinaSky’s blog) Also, Nicole is a busy DJ (DJ Ni**Sky) on the downtown scene….and both sisters look fantastic with their short crop ‘dos and their tatts and their perfect bone structure : ) I’m just giving props, lol. Anyways, best of luck to them. (thanks to HotMopFilms for the clip)

UPDATE: Khal/RTD contributed in the comments section a link to Nina Sky’s new single “You Ain’t Got It (Funk Dat)”