With her new record “Roman In Moscow” stirring both barbz and haters to voice their opinions across the ‘Net, Nicki called into our homie Tim Westwood’s radio show on BBC Live. During their short chat, Nicki shed some light on where she is mentally and the difference between her upcoming sophomore album and Pink Friday. She seems to be in more control of her career this time around.

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‘Roman Reloaded’ is coming out Valentine’s Day A.K.A Romantime’s Day. I had to go back and reassess and I realized that my barbs, my core Team Minaj, they really have stood by my side and they miss Mixtape Nicki and they miss crazy Nicki and so Roman basically escaped out…he was in Moscow, and now he’s like, ‘You know what, Nicki? Sit down, I wanna show you how to do this.’ So I just let him run wild on ‘Roman Reloaded’.”

“I have to say that I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been, ever, in my career because I’m finally putting things into perspective and I really didn’t have fun recording ‘Pink Friday’ but I’m having fun recording ‘Roman Reloaded’ because I’m just letting loose and I’m not overthinking things anymore…

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“I’m just being in the moment and that’s what I didn’t really get to do with the first album because I was so, so worried and so pressured. But now, the barbs and I, we’ve proven ourselves and so now I’m just like having fun. I did the Britney tour, I did the Wayne tour, and I’ve been doing a lot of TV stuff and, you know, all that good stuff. But I could not wait to get back in the studio and just let Roman run wild and so now we’re doing that.”

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