What happens when rappers are accused of having past ghostwriters and caught off guard? They spazz of course. And that’s exactly what happened to Nicki Minaj when TMZ caught her outside of a club and asked her about Ransom’s allegations that he used to write for her. The line in question comes from a song titled “Man Alone.”

Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her, just hoping she made it big.

What followed was Nicki going on a rant, saying Ransom is real f’in desperate and even with him whoring for attention, he’s never gonna pop. It’s safe to say they struck a nerve after that question and Nicki wasn’t holding back either.

UPDATE: Ransom wants an apology from Nicki Minaj over her TMZ comments. Watch his interview after the jump…

Watch Nicki’s reaction and Ransom’s Twitter response after the jump…

“I rap better than him… is he crazy? I’m not even a man n*ggas got my d*ck in their mouth. I’m undisputed because I’m the only female rapper…and I don’t need no motherf*ckin ghostwriter. So if you’re telling that lie, you must be real f*ckin desperate and you still ain’t gon pop! How a wack n*gga gon write my shit? I’ll slaughter these n*ggas… period!”

About a month ago, Ransom was on Forbez DVD saying he saw Nicki Minaj write her own shit back (or at least partly) when they did tracks together.

UPDATE: Ransom appeared on Sway In The Morning today (August 8) to share his side of the story. He reiterated that he used to write verses for Nicki back in the day, but also clarified that she wrote her own rhymes, too. Ransom says he feels Nicki overreacted in the TMZ interview, and he wants an apology (not a public one, though).

I think she verbally attacked me, I think she overreacted. I mean, the line could have been taken either way, but if you do your research, you’ll know that I didn’t malicious say that to come at her credibility; I’ve been openly saying that she’s been writing her own bars. And I see TMZ, I see the way they put words in my mouth.

I don’t want no public apology. But you gotta apologize to me, you have to.

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