While you attempt to sift through the live stream rip of Nicki Minaj’s amazing all-star Pepsi concert, take a minute to hone in on the biggest moment of the night. After Nicki brought out her biggest female rap influence, Foxy Brown, the Queens-bred rapper took time to really pay homage.

Broken Silence changed my fuckin’ life,” Nicki told the crowd. “I always loved Foxy but when she put out Broken Silence I knew [she] was an innovator, an intelligent, beautiful, feisty, crazy sometimes, but ahead of your time.”

**Broken Silence is Foxy’s 2001 album**

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“Foxy, I want to thank you for being one of my biggest influences in the game. And a lot of times we don’t really [thank] you like we should. There isn’t a female rapper that opened more doors for me than you. You and Lauryn, thank you.”

Nicki Minaj Brings Foxy Brown, Cam’Ron, Drake, and Lil’ Wayne to her NYC Show