Yesterday, we dropped two exclusive snippets of Nicki’s interview with Tim Westwood which aired last night. In case you missed out on the juicy interview, we’ve got the full audio. Aside from her Twitter controversy and her frustration with an undisclosed number of people, she also reiterates the loves she has for her fans by talking about some of the recent fan havoc she has caused during her time in the UK. Nicki, Safaree and Tim also pay a small homage to Cam’Ron for being the first hip hop artist to wear pink, and also discuss her life outside of rap, including her fragrance, clothing line and working with Pepsi. She also declares herself not “famous” and simply a “little girl going all around the world.”

“This is my 4th mixtape really, you know what I’m saying? The kid did like that to feed her fans. But really, now, the kid thinking maybe she should leave the game.”

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Audio: Nicki Minaj and Tim Westwood Interview (Part 1)

In this segment, Nicki expresses her distress she has with the media criticizing her latest work on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. After talking about how lush her cake looked in her bondage outfit, our homie Tim Westwood discusses how important her album was to all the Barbz. With Safaree also hooked to a mic during this five segment interview, Nicki went on to say that she isn’t receiving enough credit for her “fourth mixtape,” and considers on leaving the game. She also reacts to how the UK media portrayed her as a “pop star,” nonetheless, her latest album “takes [us] back to the essence.”

Audio: Nicki Minaj and Tim Westwood Interview (Part 2)

With all the press Nicki has been doing in London this past week, Nicki affirms her love for all her fans, especially the ones that came out to her recent signing. Nicki shares that her craziest fan pandemonium broke out on the first day in London when she walked out thinking she wouldn’t encounter hordes of fans and paparazzi.

Audio: Nicki Minaj and Tim Westwood Interview (Part 3)

Following a brief discussion about what tracks each set of Barbz loves off her album, she tells Tim that the ultimate message is for her fans “to take away freedom.” Tim, Nicki and SB all proceed to pay a small homage to Cam’Ron for being the first one in hip hop to wear pink and reveals that she will try to get Cam to come on tour for a few appearances. Nicki closes out this segment discussing the message behind “Beez in the Trap,” and her refusal to come back to Twitter, which we posted yesterday.

“He paved the way for me to wear pink…we gotta bow down to Cam”

Audio: Nicki Minaj and Tim Westwood Interview (Part 4)

So if Nicki ever does decide to leave the game, there’s a ton of stuff she’s involved in that will keep her busy. After disclosing that all the pressure she puts on herself is the hardest part about being Nicki, she talks about her new, sexy fragrance, a clothing line in the works and her involvement with Pepsi.

“Just that I put so much pressure on myself sometimes, I guess sometimes I’m so you know business savvy…and i like to get everything done, even sometimes if I’m exhausted I’ll still and try make everything happen”

“This is around 6PM, this is right when you’ve maybe taken your second shower and you want to feel real real nice and sexy, and then you want to start maybe talking real sultry like this…”

Audio: Nicki Minaj and Tim Westwood Interview (Part 5)

In the last segment of the interview, Nicki answers a few questions from a Twitter Q&A. She answers questions regarding her most memorable moments at her album signings, being stuck in an elevator as her biggest phobia, and how much she used to love doing “normal stuff” like grocery shopping. Nicki also shares that she doesn’t consider herself famous, just

“A crazy little girl going all around the world wearing crazy stuff and meeting crazy people, like you.”

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