nicki minaj hm 2

After calling on Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody for last year’s campaign, H&M turn to Nicki Minaj and Jesse Williams for their new holiday short film, “A Magical Holiday.” The fairytale-themed clip follows a young girl on a mission to soften up Santa Claus’ evil brother (played by John Turturro), with Minaj and Williams playing fairies known as Wisest Thingy and Fastest Fairy, respectively. “I love the film’s over all empowering message,” said Nicki. “I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us. There’s always magic in the air during the holidays.”

In addition to “A Magical Holiday,” Nicki Minaj and H&M will unveil a 12-piece collection, partly inspired by her love of Japanese culture, on November 30. Check out photos of the collection here.

Watch below…

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