The highly interactive relationship between Nicki Minaj and her massive twitter following turned tense after Nicki blocked one of her longtime fan sites, NickiDaily. The catalyst: the fan site allegedly posted snippets of Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album before the release date. The resulting bickering between Nicki’s hardcore Barbz and NickiDaily proponents prompted Nicki to delete her twitter account completely, cutting off 11 million of her fanatic fans. NickiDaily also shut down their site, with only the “Closed” and audio from the song “Dear Old Nicki” visible on the main page.

Read Nicki’s warning tweets before the deletion:

(Thanks to Mel/DaJaz1 for the screencaps)

So, what happens to that massive captive social media audience? Deleting 11 million followers is enough to make Pepsi Co. jump into a boiling cauldron of Mr. Pibb….

But there is a “reverse” option…

Our pal Mel tweeted her opinion:
If you delete your twitter you have 30 days to reinstate it with all your followers and following intact. Nicki will be back in a few days..”

We shall see….Also, I’m pretty sure the folks at Twitter would bend over backwards to have Nicki back.

PS: another site reported that Nicki was also unhappy with twitter backlash from her Nightline interview. But that seems very dubious. (Especially since they mention it was in reaction to her statement “I wanted to kill [my dad]. I wish he was dead.” Why would that bother anyone? Seems as though her abusive father brought any ill will upon himself?) If anything Nicki’s final tweets.

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