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(Nicki Minaj in a leather jumpsuit at ATL’s Club Traxx)

Nicki Minaj was in Atlanta over the weekend for their annual gay-“Pride Weekend” (see photos after the jump) and called DJ Drama to chat on his Hot107.9 show. Nicki talked about her hectic schedule, her verse on Kanye’s “Monster,” her and Drake’s twitter-marriage prank, and the recent BET doc on female emcee’s (“My Mic Sound Nice,”)….

DJ Drama talks to Nicki Minaj by miss info

[I turned on the show right when they started talking about me, and I heard] ‘Yeah. they just Kim Kardashian with a mic in her hand,’…it’s funny in the black community, when you get popular, people forget that you were an underground struggling artist at one time. I saw so many of these girls saying stuff, ‘We grindin’,‘….
Boo, I grinded for the past 7 years of my life and I’m not gonna feel guilty for
anything I’m getting right now. They’re just uneducated about how many dues I’ve paid…..but I love that I was talked about on the show.

Zing. It would be foolish for anyone to claim she hasn’t worked hard for her spot whether you like her work or not.
Meanwhile, Nicki will be one of the main draws (for me at least) at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards….
Watch her VMA promo, see photos/video from her Atlanta Pride Weekend gigs, and more….
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Nicki’s performance at Club Traxx in Atlanta for Pride Weekend.

(photos via PrinceWilliams/ATLPics)

Nicki’s VMA promo clip….Pleasantville reference?

(Unrelated/Related: I was thoroughly confused about this new MTV press release I got today which hallelujah’ed this lineup: “CHER, ELLEN DEGENERES, KATY PERRY, THE “JERSEY SHORE” CAST, ROSARIO DAWSON, THE CAST OF “GLEE,” CHRIS PINE, THE CAST OF JACKASS, KIM KARDASHIAN, JOE MANGANIELLO of “TRUE BLOOD,” RICK ROSS AND ROMEO OF AVENTURA TO APPEAR AT THE “2010 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS”…..um, Cher? Maybe Cher will do like a handing off of the “sheer bodysuit” torch to Katy Perry….that should be drag-alicious. Also….I feel like I’ve asked this before, wtf is Aventura?)