Skateboard P just inked a job working behind the scenes as creative director for fashion-based multi-media company KarmaloopTV. The company originally started as an online retailer for streetwear brands like 10 DEEP and Crooks & Castles and after cornering that market, they moved on to expanding their digital game. Now, KMTV regulary releases video content based on the latest in street fashion, hip-hop and sneaker culture. But, let’s see where Pharrell takes this thing.

“Pharrell is, without a doubt, one of the most influential cultural creatives and business minds in America today,” Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe said. “We’re delighted and honored that he has joined our effort to create a multi-platform brand that will once again excite cutting-edge youth culture about TV, just as MTV did in the 1980s.”

after the jump, 50 Cent explains his cancelled deal with Sleek Audio and a photo of Dr. Dre, Terrace, Martin, Jay Rock, and DJ Quik hits the Net…

Exclusive: 50 Talks New Line Of Headphones; New Deal

“As reported, the license arrangement between my company, G-Unit, and Sleek Audio to produce headphones branded as ‘Sleek by 50’ has been cancelled,” 50 Cent clarified to “Instead, I have established a new company that is developing a complete line of audio accessories, including wireless headphones, offering superior sound quality along with cutting edge technology for all music lovers to enjoy.”

As a businessman, 50 said that he seeks ownership in any company that utilizes his name and brand recognition.

50, who still owns a hefty 7.5 million shares of TVGoods, is also still committed to his original vision of creating a world-class audio product for his fans.

“As an artist, I am committed to bringing top-of-the-line audio products to my fans, and I am excited that I have the resources to achieve just that with this new venture,” 50 Cent told

This photo of Terrace Martin, Dr. Dre, Jay Rock and DJ Quik surfaced recently surfaced online. Word is this West Coast crew was putting the finishing touches on Jay Rock’s album.