this redman vid is interesting because, well, for one thing, I was beginning to think redman had just disappeared off the face of the earth. its totally beyond me how someone with his level of celebrity (movies, college crossover cult-following, tv series, hits, etc) just leaves the scene that way…..Its weird. Anyways, I’m glad to see he’s back, even though clearly the powers that be at Def Jam could really care 2 sh-ts less. Check out the video….its a refreshing change from the glossy bentley and sunglass advertisements that are all over BET….I notice that Redman is still keeping it so very real for the big girls. Nuff respect for that. Also my boy Ashy Larry is in the vid with that fat nasty guy from the Bam Margera show. (didnt he get arrested for having child porn or something?) But I still dont think this vid compares to the best Redman video ever…”I’ll Be That”….or, for that matter, Red’s classic MTV Crib’s appearance. (video from