I don’t understand how they keep doing it, but London based 4-man group Rudimental, while being relatively still under the radar, are consistently putting out music and videos that sound and look bigger than folks with four times the resources. They’re making you look bad, fancy pop star.

Their music is dance-ish, electro-ish, drum-n-bass-ish, with lots of soul…and I got put onto them by our girl Gabz and Scott Vener, via this song that was a huge hit in the UK: “Feel the Love.”
Aside from the fact that the song is fantastic music to run to….this video is one of the best of the year. Without even appearing in the video, Rudimental and videographers documented a crew of urban horseback riders called the Fletcher Street Riding Club. We’re talking about kids, in the projects, who not only maintain stables but ride like cowboys through the streets of Philly. It’s totally incredible footage.

Now for their latest video…”Not Giving In,” Rudimental and director Josh Cole went to Manila, capturing amazing gritty, vibrant footage of Filipino slum youth culture. Once again, the group doesn’t even appear in the video. The focus is on the scenery and the touching storyline to boot. (What did you accomplish in the Philippines, Bourne Legacy? Zippo!)


Watch Rudimental’s new “Not Giving In” video…
And check out their “Feel the Love” documentary-style video…
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Rudimental “Not Giving In” (Thanks TheFader and Gabz)

Rudimental “Feel the Love”