One thing’s for sure, if it isn’t new music, Rick Ross is always delivering new visuals. Here, Rozay drops a new video for his stellar verse (yes we know he didn’t stay on topic) on Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress”, off the platinum album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. (Props RapRadar)

What happened to the “Live Fast, Die Young” video?

Filmed in Toronto while on his B.M.F. tour, Directed by Dre Films.

Mikey says: Okay, now I know Ross and his fans were extra excited about this verse, and maybe Yeezy already told him that an official “Devil In A New Dress” video isn’t going to happen, but this video is looking mad Wingstop-ish. I mean in the verse he says “excess is just my character, so what happened here? And I agree his verse is mean—but the visuals don’t do Ross’ rhymes, Kanye, Bink’s beat, or T.O. any justice. (North waddup!)

(watch the video after the jump…)

YN snapped some photos of Ross’ new ice.

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