I’m so hyped this record is finally out. Waka came by VIBE a few weeks a go to play it for us and I knew it was going to be a club banger from the moment I heard the hook. It’s pretty loud and ignorant, just the way this type of record should be. “H*es we done ran through em, Zans we done chewed em,” Waka spits on the hook. Yo, in my college days I chewed a couple xanax before hitting the bar and let me tell you that sh*t instantly makes you feel like you’ve taken 5 shots of patron in 5 minutes. It’s really OD. Plus there’s added euphoria that makes you feel invincible and like you can bag any chick. Like dudes chew them because they can’t wait the 40mins it usually takes for it to kick in. Cray!

Anyway, my experimenting days are over but you can imagine the buzz Waka wants you to feel when this record hits. He told me:

“Rooster In My Rari”

DJ Spinz brought that record to me. I did that probably in February of this year. It was like one of the last songs. “Rooster” is just another way of saying getting head. We been saying that where I’m from. We call that shit rooster [Laughs].

New Music: Waka Flocka Flame – “Rooster In My Rari”

Premiered by DJ Ill Will/HotNewHipHop

Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family due June 12.

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