(Yay! thank you to Showtime for sending over the song’s premiere from his Talk of the Town Morning show, Hot 97, go Virgina! Love the local scoop)

The Clipse featuring Kanye West “Kinda Like a Big Deal” (radio rip)

UPDATE: Lowkey and NMC slid over the CDQuality version a millisecond later. Double yay!

The Clipse featuring Kanye West “Kinda Like a Big Deal” (CDQ)

I’ve been looking forward to hearing this collaboration after Simon Vozick-Levinson’s juicy listening session description for the EW Popwatch blog, back in Feb. He was absolutely on point with the succinct point: “Super-instant-react: it’s dope.”

Lol. werd. Here’s what else Simon said about the upcoming Clipse “Till the Casket Drops” album:

“Kinda Like a Big Deal” is one of a handful of DJ Khalil-produced tracks that are being considered for Till the Casket Drops, which is tentatively expected to see a late-summer release. I also got an early listen to a few works in progress that might make it on to the album, including several sparkling beats that emerged from recent studio sessions in Miami with the Clipse’s longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes. (Nothing is for certain yet, but the Clipse’s camp says Neptunes productions will likely account for about half of the final album when all’s said and done.)