T.I. mentioned in his recent letter that he’d be releasing something soon for his fans. That plus the fact DJ Nasty and The Runners have been talking about the song makes me think this is possibly the song TIP was speaking about. Here, he hooks up with his Grand Hustle labelmate B.o.B on ‘We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll”. UPDATE: As I thought, this was indeed the song T.I. was speaking about, earlier today he dropped the official mastered version with some words attached.

What up world? As promised to all the fans and supporters who’ve been writing me and tweeting saying that they’re ready for new music…here’s something to hold you over until I’m able to get back in pocket.  It’s a song that I did soon after my release last time.  What inspired me to write this record was the differences in how we do us and how they do them suddenly became incredibly evident in just a very short period of time.  Mostly jokes but you know how they say there’s truth in humor right?

I want to give a huge “What’s Haaaapnin'” to my young Grand Hustle homie, B.o.B, who was grand enough to join me on this song and The Runners who laced the track for me.  So no disrespect to those who do…But nah homie WE DON’T GET DON’T LIKE Y’ALL!!!

Keep it pimpin’ and see you in a minute.

– King

New Music: T.I. Feat. B.o.B – “We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll” (prod. by The Runners) (Mastered)

Props to TrapMuzik, purchase the song here.

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