(Rihanna and Coco, at Mariah and Nick’s Halloween party on Sat)

much love to DJ Enuff who debuted Rihanna’s 1st single (I think we’re all just going to pretend those other 2 didn’t happen) featuring Jeezy, called “Hard.” And thanks to Steve/BoBo for following up with the CDQ version for us (“Where dem blogguh’s at?”)

I like the tempo, and I figure the song will keep growing on me as we hear it a bazillion more times.

New Music: Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy “Hard” (Clean/CDQ)
Update: Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy “Hard” (Dirty/CDQ) (Produced by The Dream)

[audio:Rihanna feat Jeezy Hard (dirty) 1.mp3]

(PS: yes, there’s a light shot from Jeezy towards Gucci Mane in here too: “See my Louis chucks, Louis flag, Louis frames, Louis belt/ What that make me, Louis Mane?”)

PS: speaking of that Halloween party, here’s a pic of me and Angie’s get-ups : )