North: Ross stated this was coming, right after Jeezy dropped “Death Before Dishonor” on Monday.

MissInfo: Lots of speculation about “is this” or “isn’t this” a Jeezy diss. If Ross tries to say that this isn’t, the way Jeezy disowned his….then they both lose. There’s no shame in not engaging (the way Weezy, and Kanye, and Diddy have done when agitated, and I think that worked out well for them in each case) but that’s not what this seems like.

New Music: Rick Ross – “The Summas Mine” (Produced By Lil’ Lody)

“you n—a’s ain’t ready, you n—a’s is petty, you n—a’s spagetti, bustin’ your meatball, you better be ready.
you throwin’ up sets but you really from Cleveland, f–k bwoy…..
see I broke it down like a quarter key, bitch, I run the south, I’m who you wanna be….
the summa’s mine, every time you turn around they spinnin’ one of mine…
self-made, you just affiliated, you’re a waterboy, really you entertainment….
I’m livin’ large, this n—a’s been a mark, they used his credit cards just to get they rental cars…

Props to Young/OnSMASH

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