New Music: Pusha T “Dearly Beloved” (props KarenCivil)

Mikey: Pusha T took it upon himself to dedicate a new one to Christopher “Dudus” Coke, the recently captured, alleged Jamaican drug kingpin and supposed head of the infamous “Shower Posse” gang.

Dudus has been fighting extradition to the United States from Jamaica since last May when he was indicted on various international drug and weapons charges. During the five week man hunt that led to his arrest over 70 Jamaicans including civilians and security officials were slain in his pursuit.

Download link and more on Dudus & his Indictment papers after the jump

Download: Pusha T “Dearly Beloved”

LINK: Christopher Coke Indictment Papers

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“Following that announcement [of Coke’s arrest], the West Kingston communities allied to Coke began non-violent protests. But even then it was apparent to authorities that Coke’s supporters were gearing up for an armed confrontation. They fortified their neighborhood with sandbags, threw up road blocks, installed improvised explosive devices and electrified fencing, all in an effort to block Coke’s arrest.

Coke’s forces were heavily armed with an arsenal that includes automatic rifles and hand grenades. According to the indictment issued in New York, Coke is alleged to head an international criminal posse known as “The Shower Posse” that operates in Jamaica and the United States. He has been charged by U.S. authorities with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine and conspiracy to traffic in firearms.

Coke is alleged to have sold crack cocaine and marijuana in the New York area since the 1990s and to equip his gang members with illegally procured weapons.
Coke, aka “Presi,” “President,” “Dudus,” and “Shortman,” according to the indictment, is alleged to have sold more than 1000 pounds of pot and at least five kilos of cocaine during the period of the indictment, 1994 through 2007.

Coke’s posse allegedly operated out of the Tivoli Gardens neighborhood in West Kingston, which the indictment described as a garrison community, “a barricaded neighborhood guarded by a group of armed gunmen.”