I’ll use any excuse to repost this photo of Mobb Deep, Nas and Raekwon. And, P’s latest Hav and Rae assisted number is good enough reasoning. From the upcoming Albert Einstein album, New York’s grimiest get busy over a potent Alchemist beat. Pre-order the LP right here before it hits stores on June 11.

Listen to “R.I.P” after the jump…

In the premiere episode of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, Raekwon talks about the making of some of his Wu-Tang classics. Renowned for his off-kilter rhyme style, The Chef talks about coming from the slums of Shaolin and rising to the top of the rap game. “Even when we did Enter The 36 Chambers, I didn’t consider myself as being like a great MC,” admits Rae. “I was a good one because I was able to fill in the gaps.”

He talks about the making of his classic debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… When discussing “Glaciers of Ice” he claims that when he first heard the beat he thought it was like “a party of gunshooters.” When discussing making Wu-Tang’s “CREAM,” The Chef reveals that he originally had a different verse. But when he played it for the crew, only one person questioned it but it was enough for him to rewrite his verse and make it the classic it is today.

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