North says: Here’s a first glance Keri Hilson’s first single from her No Boys Allowed LP that will be dropping later this year. The track called “Breaking Point” is produced by long time collaborator Timbaland. This song here is definately for the ladies who have reached the limit when dealing in relationships with fickle and un-decisive men. (Props to Legend/OnSMASH)

New Music: Keri Hilson – “Breaking Point” (Produced By Timbaland)

BONUS: Keri Hilson – “I’m With It” [Tags]

Added bonus a tagged song from the R&B Superstars mixtape that’s out now. (Props to Splash)


After the jump more new music from Usher, Fabolous, R.L. feat. Lil’ Wayne, Trey Songz & JD…..



New Music: Fabolous – “I Ain’t In Love” & “Body Count” (Produced By Sonaro)


New music from Mr. Funeral the first “I Ain’t In Love” which was leaked a few weeks back tagged on DJ Haze’s USA Today mixtape now without tags and the second “Body Count” is off the YoungMoneyHD Lime Light Exclusives 2 mixtape which drops later on this week but also appears on Fabolous’ There’s No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP which drops August 24th. (Props to Mr.X & Lowkey/UHTN)

New Music: Usher – “Stroke Your Ego” (Produced By Danjahandz)

New Usher that was origially off the YoungMoneyHD Limelight Exclusive’s 2 mixtape now without tags via Mr.X.

New Music: R.L. feat. Lil’ Wayne – “Girl Like Her”

This originally came out last year but here’s the untagged version with a brand new Lil’ Wayne verse. (Props to THI)

New Music: Trey Songz – “Love Faces” [Tags]

This will be on Trey’s Passion, Pain and Pleasure LP that drops on September 14, as of now it’s the tagged version. (Props to Lowkey/UHTN)

New Music: Jermaine Dupri – “I Think I’m Berry Gordy (B.M.F. Freestyle)”

This time JD takes a crack at the Rick Ross/Lex Luger summer anthem this time saluting the likes of Berry Gordy & Russell Simmons. (Props to Lowkey/UHTN)