Mr.North: I actually brought this relationship up with MissInfo a few months back and from the artwork above, plus his updates on Twitter today it looks like I was right. Joey releases the third (and final) installment of his “Ordinary Love Shit” over Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”.

Miss Info: As a fan, I absorb the pain, anger, revelation and ignorance that Joe Budden the rapper expresses in his music. That is his sharpest skill. And the one that his devoted fans cling to the most. As a friend, I’m sad to see when another relationship that I’ve followed from early giddiness to secure stability to happy housemaking….turn sour and falls apart. In this song, Joe raps about the break up with his girlfriend Esther Baxter….featuring audio of their argument and the accusation that after some turbulent times, she had an affair with Houston Texans football player Derrick Ward. There is also admission of a domestic violence attack. And of two miscarriages. *sigh*

New Music: Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Shit Part. 3 (Closure)”

via Joe Budden

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Lyric excerpts…after the jump

Cuz at first you resembled my twin
Fast forward, you gave me identical twins
But then you lost [them], honestly that merked my soul
Cuz though we weren’t tryna have one, we got off the birth control
And we was right back at it, fuckin like addicts
While you was disruptin what was seemin like a marriage
You never got embarrassed, interrogatin me but that was just Yaris
Here we’re beefin so I dragged you off the bed
To this day I reenacted in my head
So I hemmed you up, wasn’t what I aimed to do
I aint attack you..Bitch I was restrainin you!
But you was wifey, though I understand it was not a game
Could you imagine my surprise when the cops came…

But wait..this is where it really gets deep
Judge said she gets control of the house for a week
Filed a restraining order so she couldn’t come near me
The fuck else I do but go right back to Tahiry
I’m sleepin on her couch, not discussin shit
Starin at the fattest ass, not fuckin it
I guess despite everything that she showed me
It felt good to be around a girl that really knows me…

Said you’d be in L.A doing business
I’m thinkin that’s great, I cant fault her
Said that you would be with Jennifer the whole time
But you probably didn’t think that I would call her
She said she ain’t seen you since you landed
And for days she been blowin up your phone like a stalker
And all I could do is laugh at myself
As I thought, why is ol’ girl suckin up Derrick Ward for?
Said we was makin it right..but you couldn’t!
On the phone, I said Skype..but you wouldn’t!
The puzzle starts comin together and its brutal…

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