Feels like that storied run from 2004-2006 where we’d have these three artists regularly collaborating. Funkmaster Flex debuts to remix to Jim Jones’ “60 Rackz” with help from Killa Cam and Weezy F. Baby. The original can be found on Capo’s Vampire Life 2 mixtape, out now. While it’s turned into an all out week of Weezy on the internets, Cam’s not messing around on his verse as he has some words for Ma$e.

“I be me, you be you, apologies to Groovy Lou. Sorry bruh I ain’t fucking with Ma$e, yeah yeah tell him you be cool. Me I rep that Hud 6, I ain’t even going to play with him. Harlem underworld for real, you can fool Wale and them. The mack, well, that’s black on black. True facts, I’m crack on tracks. Play around, I’ll lay you down, 60 racks on your cap ni**a….”

New Music: Jim Jones Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Cam’Ron – “60 Rackz (Remix)” (Dirty/No Tags)

via In Flex We Trust UPDATE: Dirty/No Tags added, thanks to ThisIsTheDream

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