Mikey: When Info first sent over Dominic Lord’s video to me, I didn’t even bother to watch it. I just hit play on the Youtube and went about answering my morning emails. It was about 30 seconds in when my ear-buds made me stop what I was doing and go straight to the tab with “Pierce” playing. He’s not a super duper lyrical-miracle, or gimmicky, “let me ride off my swag,” type of “rapper.” In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s right to call him just a “rapper.” Let’s roll with incredibly talented music creator for now (he writes and produces, too). It’s hard to say exactly what it is about Dominic that makes him a star but he has something special. The two-minute teaser video wasn’t enough, so his team blessed us with the world premiere of “Pierce” in its entirety. The second verse needs to be analyzed, people. (Artwork By Fashion-World-Favorite Curtis Kulig)

Miss Info says: And it looks like the ink is drying on Dom’s paperwork. Hint: “Alternative Electro-Rap Since 1978.”

New Music: Dominic Lord “Pierce” (Full Song)

Watch the video we debuted for “Pierce” and read all the exclusive details about this rising star after the jump…

Miss Info Says: There are the new artists that bubble up and within weeks, they’re going from youtube single to seven-figure signings…with every label meeting speculated about by us, the twitter peanut gallery. But quietly, without fanfare, Dominic Lord, an 18-year old from Harlem has been having those same meetings, and fielding those same pitches without a single song available to the public. Until now.

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Photos from Dom’s website (DominicLord.US) and twitter (@LordOverUs)