beanie 50

So here’s the full song that had us all wondering if 50 would go all the way “there.” Beanie kept it Philly, debuting the record earlier tonite on Cosmic Kev’s show.

New Music: Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent “I Go Off” (Dirty CDQ) and here is the (Clean CDQ) too

As I said on the snippet post, this is a hard grimy track between two well-matched artists…but there is no real 50 Cent verse. He’s on chorus/bridge-duty. Then at the end….things gets ugly.
Yeah, you changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy n—a, now you’se a pass the Grey Poupon ass n—a. You don’t want the shooters? I’ll take them. N—a, you feed the wolves or the wolves feed off you. Eat yo’ ass alive. I’m here by [Comrade’s Creed/Conrad’s Creed??]. Strategy. Your move, mister.”

Ahh, the infamous 50 Cent outro rant. I guess the answer to that question is, yes, he went there. But to what end?

UPDATE: Thisis50 posted new artwork to go with the song.

RELATED: In a new radio interview, 50 says that his one-time boo, Vivica Fox is gonna be in his next video…what? Oh, Viv. But that reminds me, once 50 told me that years after their break-up, he bumped into Vivica at a hotel gym. So they exchanged some small talk, and Vivica even cried. Fif wasn’t gloating about that, I think it made him feel bad. But I also think they left as friends…
See the video of Fif’s radio interview after the jump…