“Van Vogue” is another reason we’re fans of Azealia Banks. Aside from the track being a party-starter, the interlude at the end of the song is almost the best thing I’ve heard all day. Big K.R.I.T.’s Live From The Underground album takes the number 1 spot for that, but Banks goes in on a certain breed of New York chick that she can’t stand. Seriously, this shit has me rolling. I know she had to have been inspired by Ghostface ft. Raekwon “Clyde Smith (Interlude)” from Supreme Clientele. It’s comes of a few minutes after the song, so fast forward it a bit after it ends.

“I see you coming out of NYU spending that refund check”
“Let me get some of that Kombuchae drink, bitch”
“You stepped it up, You not at Mcdonalds, You at Chipotle”
“So what you know where the dumpling spot is at. You still at a hood rat!”

Listen to her new song “Van Vogue” and Ghost’s “Clyde Smith” skit after the jump…

New Music: Azealia Banks “Van Vogue”

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Ghostface x Raekwon “Clyde Smith (Interlude)” from Supreme Clientele. He responded to 50 Cent on this.

“The Return of Clyde Smith” from Fishscale