Rick Ross cooked up this mixtape/EP as a prequel to his July 6th Teflon Don album….but if you’re not sure who this Albert character is that Rawse speaks of, he was a hitman for the Gambino Mafia family. Also known as “The Mad Hatter” and the “Grand High Executioner.” But oddly enough, Albert was never referred to as the “Fantastical Furrier” (see after the jump : )

Props to Onsmash for the exclusive!

New Mixtape: Rick Ross’ The Albert Anastasia EP (Prequel to Teflon Don) (New Link)

See the official tracklisting, as well as Rawse’s preview videos, and more…
UPDATE: I also added Rick Ross “Money Maker” video….

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The “Fantastical Furrier” strikes fear in all mammals as soon he steps foot into the park… : )

UPDATE: Rick Ross “Money Maker” video

Rawse’s EP preview video