Heems, 1/3 of NYC based hip-hop group Das Racist is back with his second solo mixtape, Wild Water Kingdom. This past January Heems caught the attention of “alternative rap” listeners with his solo debut,  Nehru Jackets, which was produced entirely by his Stuyvesant High School friend, Mike Finito (WWK includes beats by Harry Fraud and others). If you aren’t familiar with Das Racist, the diverse crew combines toilet humor, New York centric swag, off kilter production and of course some real hip-hop into their music. If you’re growing tired of the same 4 rappers on new remixes everyday, give this a shot. One of our favorite cuts from the mixtape is the Childish Gambino-assisted, “Tell Me.”

Download and stream the full mixtape after the jump…


You can catch Heems on Reddit tody at 4pm.

Rare facts about Heems

1. Heems used to drive his parents’ Lexus at Wesleyan which bore the NYS vanity plate “HIMANSHU” (his full first name). That’s love right there!
2. His college friends had amazing nicknames for him. Including: Hollywood Heems and The Fun Colonel.
3. He just did that “Things I Carry” feature at the Fader, and they failed to mention that the royalty check from KMart he was carrying around was for 30G’s

1. WWK Intro (Prod. B Official)
2. Cowabunga Gnarly (Prod. Harry Fraud)
3. Third Thing (Prod. Crookers)
4. Death Is Not An Option feat. Bodega Bamz, LAKUTIS (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
5. Wild Water Kingdom (Prod. Harry Fraud)
6. Himanshu Freestyles (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
7. Let It Go feat. Cee Gee (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
8. Killing Time (Prod. Yorissey BKLHRTS)
9. Running thru the Jungle (Prod. Beautiful Lou)
10. Half Pint (Prod. Mike Finito)
11. WOYY (Prod. Mike Finito)
12. Deepak Choppa (Prod. LE1F)
13. Medium Green Eyes feat. Safe (Prod. Steel Tipped Dove)
14. Soup Boys (Prod. Lushlife)
15. Tell Me feat. Childish Gambino (Prod. Mike Finito)
16. Adina Howard (Prod. Shaleik)
17. Combat Jack Show Freestyle