Currently, over 400 million folks are active on Instagram — which seem a bit high — especially with all the boy accounts out there. However, the social media platform recently commissioned a Nielson Study to prove a few things about their users. With half of the top ten IG accounts belonging to musicians, it’s easy to see why IG users are shown to listen to — and buy more music than the general public.

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The study found that Instagram users listened to more music than the general American population, and more importantly, spent more money on music than the general American population.

If musicians weren’t aware of Instagram’s power to help connect them with their fans, they were after the study was conducted. But engaging fans on the platform is tricky: according to details quietly disclosed by Instagram, 70% of these posts are go unnoticed.

(via Digital Music News)

The research found that Instagram music fans spent approximately 7 hours on average more listening to music than the general U.S. population, and 3.3 hours more than music fans on other social platforms. The data also exposed that Instagram music fans spent on average $117 more annually than the general U.S. population.

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