(DJ Cassidy, Nas and Miss Info)

This past Tuesday night Nas and Hennessy kicked off their latest Wild Rabbit campaign in NYC. As you know, Miss Info hosted an exclusive Q & A session and concert which was live streamed on Hennessy’s official Facebook page. But, there was also a private session that wasn’t broadcasted on the ‘Net. Don’t worry, though, we have you covered with the highlights. One of the best moments came when Info and Nas looked back his fashion evolution. After talking about how giving most of his jewelery over the years to friends and family, he then reminisced on his love for the original Bailey shoes from the 80s, and desperately begged for some retro releases. Jordan style.  Before things wrapped, Nas broke down the science behind the Frank Lucas style minks worn in his “Hate Me Now” video. Esco revealed that it wasn’t Diddy’s influence as most people thought.

“I caught a lot of heat for that [hat],” Nas said. “People were mistaking that for Puffy style, but he came to me like ‘This is what you’re doing now. I see it. I know you gonna do the mink.’

“We were going back and forth on the things we saw growing up as New Yorkers, African Americans, watching the older guys doing it. So when we wore it in the video, people didn’t get it. They thought it was over the top, and it was, but it was a style that we were representing that we grew up watching, and adored.”

Watch the clip after the jump…

Prior to the event, Nas announced his new Hennessy deal:

“This partnership with Hennessy has been almost two decades in the making,” said Nas. “I am honored to be included in the group of previous partners Hennessy has selected over the years and hope this campaign will inspire others to ‘never stop, never settle.”‘

“Our ‘never stop, never settle’ mantra communicates a value at The Core of who we are as a brand and resonates with our consumers: pursuing one’s potential comes from an inner drive to continuously grow, continuously improve and seek greater levels of mastery,” added Rodney Williams, Senior Vice President, Moet Hennessy USA. “Nas is not only a master in music, but is blazing new trails in film and philanthropy, among other passions.”

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