CNN’s recent article where they crowned Nas as The Greatest Lyricist of All Time caused quite of bit of conversation on this blog (everywhere else, too). It got heated, and probably won’t be settled any time soon. With that said, did you ever wonder what Nas thinks about the title. Well, last night Angie Martinez spoke to Nasir about what how feels about it. He was honored and couldn’t disagree, but remained humble. Check it out at the 5:30 mark.

“I don’t know if I’ve done my best. I think what’s next to come is crazy because the zone I’m in now is so right, that I’m just happy to be in this place to make music. I don’t know what just got into me but I love it. And, I’m a take advantage of the zone I’m in when I’m recording the next record. I feel like Ali.”

Watch the interview after the jump…

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