damn, this got a bit reflective….in the second part of Nas’ interview on the Tim Westwood Show this week, he talks about love and marriage, and more specifically, the dissolution of his marriage to Kelis**.

It’s tough, brah, But I dive in…I goes in. I still think marriage is a beautiful thing. But you gotta be strong to weather the ups and downs. I had great hopes. I thought we was gonna do it. But 2 people gotta become 1 mind. 2 people think about life different and you just grow in different directions. But I had a good time, I had a great time (Tim: And you have a beautiful son)…yeah, shout out to my son, Knight. He’ll be 1 tomorrow.

I need more kids, I love kids. I need more. I’m not done. I need more. Imma have an army. You got kids? (Tim: No.) You playin’, man…(Tim: Blanks.) Nah, you just know kids mean paper. These girls crazy out here. Pick the right one….”

(**Who seems to have fully moved on, since I saw her hugging a handsome football player by the Pinkberry the other day, lol)

Nas talks to Tim Westwood on his next project: “Kanye called me and said he wants to do the album”