(Nas looking dapper, standing next to the legendary Malcolm Campbell “Blue Bird” race car.)

Sponsored: As part of Nas’ ongoing partnership with Hennessy Cognac, the rapper narrated a new video introducing the latest inductee into the “Wild Rabbit” branding campaign…this time, though, the man of the hour isn’t a boxer like Manny Pacquiao or artists like Os Gemeos…Nas is talking about a man who died over 50 years ago. Malcolm Campbell was a British racing legend who not only became the first man to break the 300mph barrier, but he set world records on both land and water. Pretty much personifying Hennessy’s theme of the never-ending chase.

Video: Malcolm Campbell “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down”: narrated by Nas for Hennessy.

Nas also traveled to Miami over Columbus Day weekend to check out a vintage hybrid of some of Campbell’s famous “Blue Bird” race cars.

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The rest of Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit clips are posted on Youtube. We’ll have more behind-the-scenes footage of Nas’ latest Hennessy project next week.

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