Legend: It’s not often you hear of rappers helping out in the community (unless it’s around holiday time, or paid for by a corporate sponsor), but Nas is of a rare species. While visiting Washington D.C., Nas and his manager Anthony Saleh were watching a news broadcast , when a tragic story grabbed them and sparked immediate action.

Stanley Young lived in Washington DC but two weeks ago, he lost his home after the store he lived above caught fire. To make matters worse, he also lost his construction worker job during the process and is now living at a local Holiday Inn as he scrambles to find a roof and put food on the table for his 8 kids, who just lost their mother a year ago.

The story moved Nas  and Ant so much, they wanted to not only help the Young family themselves, but also crowdsource a way for the public to join in their mission.

Miss Info: Nas and his manager Anthony Saleh teamed up with CrowdTilt to open a fundraising campaign for Stanley Young and his kids. The goal is to collect $50,000! So far, over $34,257.48 has been raised, with only nine days left in the campaign.

This is the meaning of Community coming together. Not about me alone. Us. Spreadn love.” -Nas

Out of nowhere a random guy just came out and called my dad — in some ways it kind of felt like it was a miracle.” -Camille Young, 11 years old

The MissInfoTV family (Mikey Fresh, Mr. North, Andy Bustard, Legend, Gabz, and Inf) are proud to have also made a donation to help Stanley Young…joining the 557 contributors on Nas’ Crowdtilt!

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Nas and Stanley Young talk to local DC news…
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— Nasir Jones (@Nas) August 8, 2013

Read an excerpt of the note, Nas’ manager Anthony Saleh sent out to friends and family:

Nas & I were immediately moved & decided to try and devise a plan to help Stanley and his family. We contacted our friends at Crowdtilt, and with their assistance, we have launched a fundraising campaign to help Stanley find a suitable home, furniture & clothing for him & his eight children.

Our original plan was to help Stanley purchase a few necessities, but we were inspired to take this another step further. We want to involve our inner circle of family and friends and take Mr. Young’s plight to the public. We hope that we can all come together and open our hearts to this social cause. In these times where trial verdicts are creating an uproar & films about innocent men getting executed in the public by the police are released, we felt a community-driven fundraising event can shine some light on some of America’s dark moments.

We realize this is a very micro-level campaign & we aren’t solving a national or global problem, but we feel that a story like this having a happy ending can be the beginning of something much larger for our society; we hope to encourage everyone to lend a helping hand to our fellow man in there time of need. Nas & I know that we have been truly blessed, and the least we can do is to try to pass those blessings forward.

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