Update: Official Statement:

“Kelis gave birth to Knight Jones last night on July 22nd around 9PM. Weighing a healthy 7.8lbs, the beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful.”

Additional details:

This was a natural birth and Kelis had been in labor since early Monday morning around 2AM. Knight was delivered in a NYC hospital with her mother and sister in the room. This is the mother’s first child.


Nas shows much respect to the legendary Uncle Ralph, performing in Queensbridge on Sunday (typo! sorry!) TUESDAY, and beaming with pride about him and Kelis’ newborn son, Knight.

Now by the looks of this clip, the time was early evening. The news of Kelis’ labor came that morning. But no official birth announcement has been made yet. So I’m not sure if Nas was speaking preemptively. And there were many salacious reports about whether Nas was or was not at the hospital, was or was not welcome there, etc. Which may or may not be true.

Personally, I’ll wait for official word on any of that because the primary issue here is really….ten fingers ten toes.

Thank you to Ralph for sending me the clip at 6 in the morning : ) and check out Uncle Ralph’s website OnFumes for more jewels.


um…yikes…this is not a good look for Nas. Trying to go to the hospital at 1am, drunk? Hope that’s not true. Also, as of Weds afternoon, still no birth announcement. But lots of my girlfriends say that the 1st baby likes to take their own sweet time. I don’t blame them.