Mura Masa and Octavian team up for the official visuals for their 2017 collaboration “Move Me.” The track was included on the producer’s self titled debut album.

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“I think something that me and Yoni as an artist-director duo have always wanted to do is an authentic, British rap video set in London, and when this track happened we knew what we had on our hands. Yoni is amazing at taking a concept and spinning it on its head and I love how this is essentially a hood video made for Cannes. We shut down a whole street, invited Octavian’s friends down and captured the moment,” he told The Fader via email.

“This is one of two videos we shot on film in two days, the next one being for another upcoming single called ‘Complicated’. They tie together narratively as videos so this is the first episode. It’s joyous to be working with Yoni again.”