Had so so much fun sitting around, chewing the fat, light touch arguing about hip hop with Fat Joe, Bun B, Ron Artest, DJ Drama, Elliott Wilson, Jermaine Hall and DJ Envy when we taped this show a few weeks ago.
The MTV2 family did such a nice job with the editing, the set and the set up….but with this group, we could have been reading a phonebook and it still would have sparked some great convo. Fat Joe has the most incredible anecdotes, Bun’s dry humor is hip hop’s hidden treasure, Ron Artest is kooky and awesome (he listens to 1920’s music?!), and as for the rest of us, we’re got diverse histories and mutual respect that makes debate fun and funny. And outside of the sitdown, SuckerFree also got commentary from many of my hip hop and pop culture blog peers from all over the country (I would have loved to see even more included). It’s banter that we have every time we find a quiet corner at a loud industry party, debate we have on iChat and on gmail threads, and on twitter too. And it’s the same chitchat that you guys have too, at school, at the bar, and in the comments section.
I didn’t always agree with some of the winners, but I definitely appreciated the opportunity to have the discussion : )

(thanks to Dre for the video)