mos def

Wow, that’s a big moment for Jay Electronica.

My pal FWMJ sent over this audio of Mos Def performing the second part of “Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the Pledge)” during his JVC Jazz Festival show with Gil Scott-Heron. The orchestra follows with a bit of the “Eternal Sunshine” movie soundtrack. Wow.

Its a bit echo-y in the legendary music hall, but you can see how hip hop lyrical works will be re-performed and analyzed for centuries to come : )

 Mos Def performing Jay Electronica’s “Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the Pledge)”

*oops, I fixed the link…no longer are the rap intelligensia offended by TI’s “louis rag” hhahahaa!*

Go to Okayplayer for more of details and Terrence Jennings’ photos  from Mos Def’s show.

mos def show

I’m curious to hear what Jay’s reaction to that moment was. Perhaps we’ll hear it in song.