’s Linda Hobbs also spoke with Bun B. about his partner’s passing…Its good to know that UGK’s colleagues are stepping up and supporting Bun right now. And the second quote shows how a real man thinks and acts.

[Update: and more from houstonsoreal and Houston’s 97.9 via Nahright.]

UGK has been together for 20 years. What do you do now?
Personally, I couldn’t even tell you. I can’t even see that far for myself… Just making sure people remember him the right way and are saying the right things about him and no one’s taking this time to judge him… And of course, we pray for the wife, and the mother and the children, and when the fans and different people make their peace with this situation…
But I just want to thank everybody for being so gracious and so unselfish in their compassion… And I mean, across the board in every walk of life you can think of, just the man on the street, working class people, blue collar people, entertainers, everybody everywhere. My record label has definitely been supportive… And hundreds of phone calls, text messages – from Talib Kweli who’s in Nigeria and he heard it and wanted to make sure people are okay, and Paul Wall, who’s touring eastern Europe and called me, and Dizzee Rascal, I had to just tell him he didn’t have to get on a plane because he was just so concerned that he was about to come down here… And I appreciate the concern. But I wouldn’t ask anyone to stop their life, because Pimp would’ve wanted us all to keep grinding. And I don’t know if I can make it through without that. It’s been hard…”

When was the last time you saw him?
We performed together in Dallas the day after Thanksgiving. And we attended the Young Jeezy concert together Thanksgiving. And that was the last time I physically saw him. We met, we hugged, said we loved each other. When we separate we always make sure we hug and say we love each other. And keep in mind, Pimp C and I, we didn’t agree on everything… I’ve been knowing Pimp C since he was 16 years old. By nature, our personalities and our character tended to be at odds, but because of who we were and where we were from, and where we were trying to go and what we were trying to prove, we were always together in that respect. And I loved him, and he loved me, and we’re never ashamed to say it. And I know we’re in the era of “pause” and “no homo” and all that, and that’s all fine and dandy, but if you really love your homie, don’t feel like you can’t tell him you love him. Who gives a fuck how somebody take it. Because when things happen, you’re going to wish you had said it. You’re going to wish you said it louder.