Uh oh….well Nels/ThisIs50 promised more celeb drama from their interview with Lil Kim…
In yesterday’s Part 1, Kim tried to itemize her beef with Nicki Minaj by saying that Nicki’s subliminals were directed at her. Kim also claimed that Nicki snubbed an attempt to work together, and that Baby added Nicki to his song with Kim without telling her (reader Brooklyn added: Birdman’s Priceless, track 16 “Grindin’ Making Money”).
But today, Nels sent me a clip of Lil Kim responding to Drake’s comments (both onstage, and in this clip) supporting his labelmate, and saying that Lil Kim’s attitude toward her is a “sign that you’re losing it.”

Lil Kim:I used to really like Drake…for him to have the audacity to disrespect me? He’s gonna shout me out, when Ray J’s the one who said it? How bitchy do you look right now? You look like a straight p—y…You came at me, and I’m the f–king female… I didn’t even know [Ray J] was gonna do this s–t….when he was on stage and he said what he said, I had no choice but to back him…” Ay yi yi….does Kim have a point vs Drake? I still feel like the original Kim vs Nicki issue has a lot of room for interpretation. And some readers have pointed out instances where Nicki did “pay homage” to the Queen Bee. (here and here, thanks Exhibit_Rey). By the way, while Lil Kim also seems upset with Diddy, I wonder if she heard him give her the glowing endorsement on the Ciph and Rosenberg show a few weeks ago…

In Thisis50’s upcoming clip, Kim elaborates on her gripes but also says that she is not signed to RocNation (yet?) but she is on a Live Nation tour right now, she’s been friends with Hov for a long time and she hopes they’ll work together.


Oh man….Thisis50’s just uploaded Part 2 of their Lil Kim interview. More venting:

More quotes:
I let her live, ’cause I could have been saod what I’m saying now…My problem is this, you’re stealing my s–t, you wanna be like me but you’re acting like you created this lane….it ain’t new, mama. The s–t with the wigs and the creating a character…and on top on all that, you ain’t wanna rock with me?” (2:55)
Puff is my brother, I can’t disown him…he just called me after he called everybody else…brothers and sisters fight to the extreme….Puffy should be ashamed of himself, I want to spank him. When I came home from jail, there was nothing that he couldn’t ask me to do….
I don’t got no beef with Rick Ross. Only problem I kinda have, I feel like, he shouldn’t have never hid the CO thing….when I was locked up, I was cool with some real m-f C.O.s, they all ain’t f–ked up….I can never see him being Biggie. I don’t know what Puff is smoking that day.

Mr. X posted a clip of Lil Kim’s show, last night in Detroit, watch it and more, after the jump….

Drake onstage in Hartford, CT (June 5,2010): “I don’t give a f–k what Lil Kim or nobody else talking about, you the baddest chick to ever do this s–t.”

Lil Kim sounds off on Nicki Minaj: “For the last year, she’s been subliminally taking shots at me”
Drake reacts to Lil Kim dissing Nicki Minaj: “That’s just a sign that you’re losing it…” (Updated)