I’m out in Los Angeles this weekend to check out the Grammy goings-ons. So far, I’ve had my share of random sightings: Cyndi Lauper and Ashford minus Simpson were on the plane. Russell Simmons and his really pretty 10-foot-tall girlfriend. Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU. And….Raquel Welch’s wig (I’m not joking….while I was getting my hair cut at John Frieda, that lady’s wig was getting styled on a table next to me. Creepy).

Anyways, tonite is The Roots annual pre-Grammy jam session. Which should be amazing. And Neyo is having a late night party to honor “the Carter Administration”…hmm. I’m leaving out the biggest event of the night, the annual Clive Davis party because I tried unsuccessfully to get ins, lol….probably for the best, because I don’t think I’m mentally ready to go black-tie tonite.

But as for last night….there was a big People Magazine/Verizon party to honor Timbaland. Concrete Loop has photos of the celebs who were there…But allegedly, there were some problems at the door. No surprise there. And perhaps the people in charge of the door were not connected enough with “the culture” because, sometime during the night, I hear Timbaland got onstage and said “F— People Magazine and F— Verizon for not letting my people in.”


But that’s the problem, corporate suits. You want to be cool in the red carpet photos, but hip hop stars aren’t like wedding singers. You’re not just booking them…you throwing a party with them….or even for them. So, if you don’t want their people at your party…..then better just find some socialite deejaying-son-of-an actor to play their hit hip hop songs instead.