The popular web series Money and Violence is set to premiere their highly-anticipated season two next month. Lead by creator-writer-actor Moise Verneau (Rafe), the series based on a true-to-life portrayal of the harsh street life in Brooklyn, New York, quickly garnered a cult-like online when it debuted back in August 2014. The 26 episode first season, shot entirely guerrilla-style by Verneau who learned about video editing on YouTube, received 28 million views. The phenomenon soon turned into major networks offering to carry season two of Money & Violence, eventually leading to the Brooklyn-based crew to sign a partnership with JAY Z and TIDAL.

It feels amazing to put out season two with so much support from the hip-hop community,” Verneau tells Tribeca Film, who premieres the official S2 trailer. “I feel that this project resonates with those from inside and outside the world that it depicts. To be recognized and shown such support from a community of my peers makes me feel that this project has been received just as I intended for it to be.”

Season 2 of Money and Violence premieres Feb. 9 on TIDAL, available for free on YouTube on February 17. TIDAL will be offering a free 90-day subscription for those who sign up to watch the show through their streaming service first.

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