First off: much love to all my UK family that tune in every week to the Miss Info Celebrity Drama Report on Tim Westwood’s Saturday Night Show on Radio 1. I appreciate the love : )

As for tonite, I’m not sure the webcam worked for shit inside the Sirius studios, but it was a legendary show all the same. Tim Westwood and the whole BBC 1Xtra crew came out to NYC for a series of live broadcasts (also in town, DJ Semtex, MistaJam and more).

It really felt like a family gathering. Tim was host, your girl helped co-host, Cipha Sounds was on the turntables, Max Glazer and Boyd (Kingston, JA) supported….and then the guests: Styles P, Jim Jones, LL Cool J, and from the UK grime-side BBK (Boy Betta Know).

I’ll post audio and pics soon. But along with some hilarious reminiscing between Tim, Jim and LL about all-night partying in London, there were some very interesting moments like….

Jimmy and Styles announce to me and Tim that they’re going to be doing a whole album together on Koch Records. Wow. That kinda came out of nowhere but I think it’ll be a good pairing. I suggested the name, “Worst of All Worlds.” They were highly enthusiastic. (I’ll bill them later, lol)

LL and Jimmy said they just recorded a song together for LL’s album, called “The 5 Borough’s is Back,” along with Lil Kim, KRS-One, and Method Man. Nice! LL said he felt that his last 3 albums were not up to par, which Im sure most agree with. But he said that for his final Def Jam album, its importantly for him to live up to the standard of his catalog. Now, of course these are promises that we’ve heard before (from every artist whose been blessed to have a long enough career where falling off is even an option). But LL definitely seems passionate about the whole thing (probably fueled by feelings of indignation, lol).
Anyways, LL also said that he’s really happy too about his release, because he negotiated to take back all of his masters (minus a 10% cut to Def Jam). Which, with a 20+ year catalog, is HUGE. Owning “Radio” and “I Need Love” and “I’m Bad”? Better than a dozen Bentleys.

All in all, a fun night. I definitely hope to get out to the UK soon.

Sidenote: I know some of youse hit me up because in the original post, I mentioned a few other artists who were also on the schedule for tonite. I’m not sure what happened with them, but sometimes people don’t know that Tim built the foundation of what hip hop in the UK means today. Having Run-DMC on his show, with their manager Russell Simmons. Broadcasting from Marley Marl’s house. Cutting dubplates with Elephant Man in Kingston….Early.