Steve Stoute and VH1’s Tanning of America documentary has been absolutely phenomenal. Most of us who were born in the ’80s or earlier pretty much know a lot of the story, but for the young’ns and even for old folk like us (joking!), the story of how hip-hop turned pop culture upside down has been so captivating in this four-part series.

As an extra bonus, VH1 courted some notable journalists and tastemakers for added commentary on what effect the culture has had on their lives. Our very own Miss Info was tapped to talk about her first experiences with rap, and we also hear from Rob Markman (MTV) and Joe La Puma (Complex Magazine). Make sure you don’t miss the final episode tonight at 11pm ET on VH1.

Watch interviews from Miss Info, Rob Markman and Joe La Puma below…

Miss Info:

Rob Markman:

Joe La Puma:

Thanks to Ernest “no fucks given” Baker

VH1 and Steve Stoute Present ‘The Tanning Of America’ (Official Trailer)